What Is Our Mission?

Every person would have a better quality of life if they had a ‘Life Coach’ but often hiring a coach is beyond the means of everyday people. Through our foundation we will be connecting life coaches with the people who need their help most and providing them with coaches services through scholarship opportunities.


Greig Wells

Kali Shectman

Karen Jackson

The Coaching Alliance is a safe place for experienced coaches to come learn about online marketing from vetted marketing experts in the community with no selling or spam tolerated.

Our goal is to help you succeed.

We welcome both Experienced Coaches, Marketers, and business service providers here in this community…

There is no selling or soliciting tolerated this is a place to learn to grow your coaching business and when you are ready know who you can truly trust to hire to help with your marketing

Only join if you promise to abide by this rule and are here to give you value to the community.

We vet Marketing coaches and service providers by meeting with them all for a zoom interview they are approved can be featured in our “Featured Experts” directory and give guest trainings.

Every Coach doesn’t want to be doing their own marketing forever, but they will hire help when they are ready and with whom they know and trust.

We host weekly virtual dinner parties for members of the community to meet each other and help each other and to get free marketing help from the experts.

Only join this FB Group if you are serious about growing your coaching business and want to come to our free live events to learn from each other how to best market and get clients.

This group is hosted by Greig Wells with Love Thy Neighbor Marketing agency where we fill and run virtual dinner parties for you so you can enroll clients without being salesy.

Click the join now button to get started and join community of 4000+ of us coaches and Marketers in community.